Recertification Program

Keep in compliance with your well control equipment thru API 16-AR, SP-53,  NACE, and other certifications thru our Re-certification program. After a complete teardown and inspection we can provide you with a quote to remanufacture in accordance with the above standards to get your equipment in compliance and on the 5 year certification  program.

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stack pic heading out.jpgAs a licensed facility thru API we are able to offer a complete recertification of most all BOP and Annular Preventers. TWC can also recertify spools, Double Studded Adapters, Blocks, Tee’s, Rams, and gate valves. Please call to discuss this program to see how it works and if it is right for your application.

20170207_122124new 0577 22 16 113.JPG7 22 16 021.JPGWe have capabilities to re-certify all makes and models of BOP’s and Annular’s. 4 1/16″ to 21 3/4″ with pressure ratings from 1,000 psi – 15,000 psi. We also offer much shorter lead times then most of the competition with most turn around times within 3-4 months or less depending on current work load.

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