Welcome to Townsend Well Control

Townsend Well Control is an OEM manufacturer and authorized repair facility for API 16A and 6A equipment for the oil and gas industry. TWC is housed in a 70,000 sqft facility which includes machining capabilities, welding capabilities, disassembly and assembly of new and remanufactured products and hydrostatic testing capabilities up to 30,000 psi for PSL – 1, 2, & 3 requirements. TWC’s machining capabilities include state of the art computer numerical controlled turning and milling along side of manual support machining capabilities. Now with (3) locations to better serve our customers and numerous Authorized Agents around the world!

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The Townsend Well Control Story

Established in October of 2015 in Tomball, Texas the Townsend Well Control family was re-born. Utilizing the combined industry knowledge of over 350 plus years Townsend Well Control has grown to 3 locations and has product on every continent in the world.

Steve Townsend and family brought back to life the well control products they successfully produced for over 30 years at Townsend International BOP’s prior to being sold to K2 Industries and ultimately to Cameron. 10 years later Mr. Townsend recognized a void in the market place and decided to re-emerge into the Oil & Gas industry bringing back his knowledge of new manufacture and repair mainly related to Oil and Gas pressure control operations.

In less then 3 years, Townsend Well Control successfully applied for and obtained API licenses for API-16A & API-6A monogramming rights & Q1 QMS Certification rights along with repair and recertification. Being an OEM, TWC now offers a full line of BOP’s, Annulars, and related equipment from 1 13/16” thru 13 5/8” 10m. TWC supports these lines with full OEM replacement parts and approved rubber goods and consumables. TWC products have been successfully field tested from the harshest environments ranging from extreme cold on the North Slope of Alaska to the jungles of Colombia to high pressure gas wells in Australia.

In addition to new manufacture in Tomball, Texas the TWC organization also offers machine repair and recertification at its Odessa, Texas and Casper, Wyoming locations. All locations follow strict QMS Systems and Practices while adhering to the latest guidelines and regulations handed forth by Oil and Gas regulations.

TWC has been approved by most major drilling contractors and rental companies alike across the world deploying the TWC product successfully from drilling, completion and production operations. TWC has been accepted by over 200 customers’ world wide and has support and Agents set up in Europe, Australia, Canada, South America and is working currently on the Middle East region.

In this short time, TWC has been able to manufacture replacement parts for nearly every bop that has been produced over the past 30 years. These parts meet or exceed all industry standards as it pertains to material requirements and proven design methods. With a team of first class engineers and a management team that has worked for all the leading BOP manufacturers in the world, TWC is dedicated to exceeding its customer’s needs and expectations when it comes to design, verification, and deployment in any aspect of the Oil and Gas industry. TWC thrives on its ability to work with its customers to achieve maximum results at a reduced cost for any application that falls within TWC’s scope of work.

Contact us today to see how we can best utilize your equipment to maximize efficiency thru safety, engineering and operation. We look forward to working with you in the future.

“IN NO WAY” is Townsend Well Control affiliated with any other OEM that may be referenced or written about in this website, or any other affiliated social pages or web pages. Specifically: Schlumberger, Cameron, Shaffer, NOV, Townsend Int’l BOPs, Hydril, WSI, KSI, Control Flow, Steel Tech, Horn Equipment, Axon, GE, BOP Products, WOM, T3, Church Energy, or any other Original Equipment Manufacturer that may not be mentioned. Furthermore, all parts made at Townsend Well Control are for the specific use in the BOP’s we manufacture and sell or to be used as replacement parts for our preventers or for other entities OEM preventers. If used in another OEM preventer it is done so at your will with your knowledge indemnifying Townsend Well Control.

 No recordings, pictures, drawings, material specs, or design specs are to be copied or used in any way without the expressed written consent of Townsend Well Control.

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